Gregg Housh – Malden Massachusetts USA

FBI Cooperator

Malden, Massachusetts, USA

Gregg Housh is a well-known personality associated with Anonymous. He has active accounts on most major social media platforms, as well as additional accounts for his businesses, which primarily provide SEO, web-design and Word Press services.

Gregg hosts a podcast called “The Gregg Housh Show” and maintains a wide network of connections in the hacktivist community.

Gregg cooperated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in a case opened in 2001. His cooperation was praised by the USDOJ in his sentencing documents. His cooperation is stated to have been used as leverage to obtain pleas of guilty from others running warez sites.

1171323492 – USSG 5K1.1 MOTION FOR DEPARTURE – P1 & P2

117192356 – Plea Agreement-P17

117192356 – Plea Agreement-P18