Definitions and Common Language

Words have meaning and definitions. We’ve chosen to outline some words we will use frequently on this site, so that if there is confusion in what we mean by a word, it can be referenced directly back to this common language. Drama noun 3(a): literature: a composition (see composition sense 5a) in verse or prose… Continue reading Definitions and Common Language

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Aubrey Cottle aka Kirtaner – Bowmanville Ontario Canada

Read the article, or download the PDF here. Update: This article was updated on 10/14/2021 at 11:54am PT due to relevant, continued encouragement to his Twitter audience to SWAT an activist who is currently seeking asylum. ([18] & [19] below), again at 12:24pm PT [20]. Updated on 10/24/2021 with links to a few references. Updated… Continue reading Aubrey Cottle aka Kirtaner – Bowmanville Ontario Canada

FBI Meeting LA Office – Val Broeksmit

Val Broeksmit, FBI source, secretly recorded a four-hour meeting with agents from Houston, New York, and LA field offices in late 2020. In apparent hopes of securing covert intervention in a child custody/welfare case, he provides information on Signal chats used by journalists and antifascist researchers, including several the FBI has been criticized by civil… Continue reading FBI Meeting LA Office – Val Broeksmit